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Easily the finest in quality anywhere, Indian pepper is grown in the monsoon forests along the Malabar Coast in South India. Here, a combination of natural advantages and organic techniques produces bigger, better shaped, more aromatic and flavorful berries.

India also offers green pepper in several processed forms - frozen, dehydrated, freeze-dried and packed in brine. Pepper is a perennial climber requiring the support.

A perennial vine’s fruit, ripe pepper berries which took a luscious red, are handpicked. Then sun-dried . This makes pepper change colour to black, or to dark brown. It’s peeled and dried, to make White Pepper. Though white, it’s never less in pep. Highly aromatic and hot, pepper is the life behind many a dish. And soups and has medicinal properties too. Collected carefully from source, Kishor spices brings youpure pepper. In 5 varieties:

• Garbled Malabar Pepper (MG1)
• Ungrabled Malabar Pepper (MUG, FAQ)
• Tellicherry Garbled Black Pepper (TGEG, TGSEB)
• Pin Heads/ Black Pepper
• White Pepper
  • Pepper is a good flavoured for canned foods There’s nothing like a dash of pepper in clear soups, cream, cheese dips and the like.